Procedure to be followed for obtaining unique DPD code to DPD importers

Procedure to be followed for obtaining unique DPD code to DPD importers

Procedure to be followed for obtaining unique DPD code to DPD importers

Attention of the Importers, Exporters, General Trade, Customs Brokers, Port Terminal Operators, Shipping Lines / Shipping Agents, CFSs coming under the jurisdiction of Jawaharlal Nehru Customs House (JNCH), Nhava Sheva and all other stakeholders is invited to the Public Notice No. 127/2016 JNCH dated 16.09.2016, Public Notice No. 05/2017 dated 12.01.2017, Public Notice No. 53/2018 JNCH dated 30.03.2018 and Public Notice No. 116/2018 JNCH dated 02.08.2018 regarding the procedure for registration of DPD clients at Terminals.

2. Vide Public Notice No. 53/2018 JNCH dated 30.03.2018 (directions were issued to port terminals in terms of Clause (n) of Regulation 5(1) and Sub Regulation (2) of Regulation 7 of Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009) provided that:

i. DPD Importers are required to get themselves registered at JNPCT only. After obtaining DPD permission letter from JNCH Customs, Importers are required to submit specified documents as per prevalent practice for registration at JNPCT. JNPCT will allot unique code to these DPD Importers. Other terminals (NSICT/NSIGT/GTI/BMCT) will use the same DPD Code (allotted by JNPCT) for the purpose of extending DPD facility to Importer including opening PD account etc.

ii. Whenever such DPD code is allotted by JNPCT, intimation of the same should be sent to other terminals (NSICT/NSIGT/GTI/BMCT).

iii. Thereafter, importer should approach other terminals to comply with other requirements like opening of PD Account etc with the same DPD code (as allotted by JNPCT).

3. During the “DPD Review” meeting held with all stakeholders on 17th August 2018 at JNCH, it has been decided that once DPD Code is allotted by JNPCT, intimation of the same along with requisite details & documents should be sent to other terminals (NSICT/NSIGT/GTI/BMCT) by JNPCT. There is no need for individual DPD importers to approach each Terminal again for registration with them. Instead, other Terminals, will suo moto register such DPD importers (on the basis of KYC already conducted by JNPCT) and open PD Account for them. Any missing details should be obtained through email. Detail of such PD Accounts should be intimated to such DPD importers through email with copy to Customs. Thereafter, the DPD Code allotted by JNPCT in respect of an IEC holder should be used by the other terminals and Shipping Lines for extending DPD.

4. It was also noticed that there are certain DPD Importers, which are not registered with JNPCT but are registered with other Terminals (NSICT/NSIGT/GTI/BMCT). Details of such cases should be shared by such Terminals (NSICT/NSIGT/GTI/BMCT) with JNPCT, JNPCT shall allot the DPD Code (preferably the same code, if it does not result in duplication) to such DPD Importer suo-moto and intimate the details to other Terminals in the manner as prescribed in Para 3 above to other Terminals for registration of the said DPD importers by other Terminals too automatically.

5. Aforesaid exercise is to be conducted in respect of all DPD importers already registered as well as all future registrations.

6. It was also decided during the DPD Review meeting that each Terminal Operator should send list of DPD importers (containing details i.e. Sr No, IEC, Name of Importer, DPD Code) registered by them on fortnightly basis (on 16th and 1st of every month) to Customs (email address: First of such report should be sent on 1st September 2018.

7. In case of any difficulty, the issue may be brought to the notice of Additional / Joint Commissioner in charge of ‘DPD Cell’, NS-III (email address:


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