Team Tankers Adopts New Security Measures amid Rise in Piracy

A regional increase in piracy incidents has prompted the Bermuda-based tanker owner Team Tankers International to adopt additional “ship-hardening” measures.

As informed, due to recent hijackings in West Africa, the company has contracted Easi-Chock to install security devices onboard its fleet.

“Whilst piracy in the Indian Ocean is not at the peak levels which we witnessed in 2010, the threat is still very real and is certainly no cause for complacency. However, we are seeing an increase in attacks in SE Asia and West Africa as demonstrated by the 2nd recent hijacking off the coast of Benin, and therefore ensuring crew welfare is an essential concern,” Kate Chaston, Team Tankers International’s chief of operations, commented.

“It is vitally important to proactively safeguard our ships and our crew. That doesn’t mean doing the bare minimum, it means being aware of the latest innovations in security, and where appropriate, adopting these measures to maximise our security and deter the threat of piracy,” Chaston added.

“The threat of piracy is always evolving and becoming more resilient and sophisticated. Simply following the minimum BMP4 guidelines is not sufficient for ensuring protection of a ship’s crew – and I can say that from experience,” Wayne Harrison, former ship security guard and founder of Easi Chock, said.

Currently, Team Tankers’ fleet is comprised of 36 chemical tankers ranging from 8,000 dwt to 46,000 dwt.

Since Easi-Chock was established in 2013, the company has hardened over 150 vessels, including bulk carriers and tankers.


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