Port Of Gothenburg Container Traffic Up by 20%

Port Of Gothenburg Container Traffic Up by 20%

Port Of Gothenburg Container Traffic Up by 20%

Freight volumes passing through the Port of Gothenburg during the year to date are as follows. Container traffic is up 20% compared with the preceding year, and energy product flows remain consistently strong. New car figures rose by 4% but now appear to be levelling off, albeit at a high level.

Growth in container volumes
During the first nine months of the year, container traffic increased by 20% and rail traffic by 7%.

From January to September 2018, 560,000 containers (TEU) were handled at the Port of Gothenburg. Photo: Gothenburg Port Authority.

More energy products
Energy products totalled 17.7 million tonnes, up 2% on the corresponding period last year.

Cars and ro-ro* level out
Intra-European ro-ro traffic remained unchanged, whilst new car movements revealed a YTD rise of 4% despite a slight fall in September.

Port of Gothenburg freight volumes, YTD 2018

  Jan-Sept                    2018 Jan-Sept             2017 Jan-Sept            % change
Containers, (TEU**) 560,000 466,000 20%
Rail, (TEU) 283,000 264,000 7%
Ro-ro units 439,000 438,000 0%
New cars 209,000 201,000 4%
Energy products, million tonnes 17.7 17.2 2%
Passengers 1,356,000 1,416,000 -4%
Cruise ship calls 34 36 -6%

* Ro-ro stands for roll-on/roll-off and refers to trailers and other wheeled cargo carried on vessels operating within and outside Europe.

** Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (20-foot container) 

Source : HSN


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