Dry Bulk FFA: Dull Day for Capesizes

Capesize FFA Commentary:
A dull day for the big ships as we got off to a slow start. The physical market saw rates ease for the West Australia/China run while the paper also gave up some value on the nearby. Volumes were slight and the afternoon session was pretty much a non event. Still, it is only Monday and there’s plenty of time left yet.

Panamax FFA Commentary:
It was a relatively sluggish start to the week on Panamax paper with support tested throughout the morning session and eventually offered lower by the close. We saw good volume changing hands on March $13000-13100 while Q2 broke $14k support to print $13800 low with levels also drifting lower further out.

Supramax FFA Commentary:
Supramx paper opened the week on a softer note as we saw March come under pressure early trading down to $11725. Although activity was pretty limited on a generally quiet day we did see a little bid support creep back in with March trading back up to $11900.

Handysize FFA Commentary:
Handysize paper opened the week as we closed the last, with litte interest and activity seen down the curve. No reported trades.

Source: Freight Investor Services (FIS)


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