Econship Celebrates 10th Foundation Day

Econship Celebrates 10th Foundation Day

Econship Celebrates 10th Foundation Day

MUMBAI: Econship celebrated its 10th Foundation day on 12th Sept at Hotel Sahara Star. The celebration included its proclamations on new technological tools for practical uses in the shipping industry, a commitment to serve its customers & focus on quality – in the presence of the industry hunchos & its customers. 

The celebration started with ‘Golden Lion Logistics Awards’ to its loyal customers on the basis of specialisations in various fields.

Capt. Rajat, COO of Econship extolled the company’s philosophy of being grounded on customers’ needs. The customers consist of freight forwarders, logistics houses, manufacturers or traders with inhouse or outsourced logistics arms. He said “We are a pure CYCY operator by our own choice – no logistics, forwarding arm or any agency setup. The Reason is very simple – we know you and your business. We are here to ensure that you fall in love with what we do. You wanted your BLs without delays and without standing in a queue – we went ahead and delivered this to you on your desk – 24/7 round the year and even on a Sunday night. You wanted your CRO quickly and we gave you 4 simple clicks on the our mobile App. Then you have it on your desk in 15 minutes. You needed a quick quote? We gave you the tool to click a few lines and have your rates filed in a matter of few minutes. And so on.”

This was followed by Golden Lion Logistics Awards. The Awards were presented by prominent personalities in shipping & other fields. The Awards were a testimony to the company’s culture of recognising and celebrating excellence in its solemn quest for continuous innovation. The Awards ceremony was followed by launch of “iWant” – a chatbot that promises to revolutionise the way the customers and a shipping line would communicate. While launching this intelligent chatbot, Capt Rath, CMD said “ Our technology lab, will bring more and more innovations for you. In the story of the thirsty crow –  when our competitors would be selling you water from the proverbial pitcher with long and narrow necks – Econship would be selling you stones of different sizes that would pass through the necks. We would sell stones. We would give you the power in your hands. Therefore, we have renamed ourselves to Econship Tech Pvt. Ltd. As promised last year, we are here with ‘iWant’ – Econ’s Alexa. We had lot of homework to do. We almost re-invented whatsapp. We built in the machine intelligence. “iWant” is a mix of man and machine intelligence. At this point of time more, towards human intelligence. Let’s say you want to rollover your cargo to the next vessel. With “iWant” all you need to do is click on your chat icon against the Ref no. and type what you want. You can do that from our App on your mobile phone as well. And you would get it done in minutes! Remember that your “iWant” chatbot is tethered to your Ref no. Ask anything and we could answer in a few minutes. To be precise, we are striving to bring that to below 2 minutes. Imagine, getting an answer on a phone? With 5 calls hitting a CS at the same time, you are put on hold. And when you succeed in getting through, it starts with hi…hello…BL no…..Vessel name…. blah blah…before you can ask what you want. Right? Email experience could be even worse – even though it is a later technology than phone! Because the ‘inboxes’ stay bloated with volumes of unread emails no matter how fast you read and respond – it takes time! Therefore, I take this opportunity to launch Econ’s “iWant” and dedicate this to our loyal customers. This would change the way we communicate with our customers!”

The celebration continued with performance by musical troupe of Pragyan Patra – finalist of Star Voice of India.


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