OOCL’s environmental achievements takes spotlight at SEAA ceremony

OOCL’s environmental achievements takes spotlight at SEAA ceremony

OOCL’s environmental achievements takes spotlight at SEAA ceremony

OOCL is proud to have received the 2018 Singapore Environmental Achievement Award (Regional) at a ceremony held by the Singapore Environment Council’s (SEC) Conference Day event on August 30, 2018, where Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources of Singapore, was the Guest of Honor.

The SEAA (Regional) Award category recognizes local or international companies and organizations with outstanding environmental performance in Asia, and this year, the regional scope has been expanded to welcome companies from Greater China, Japan, South Korea, and ASEAN countries to take part in the awards scheme. In the review and evaluation process, the SEAA Assessment Committee (AC) assigned both the SEC and Deloitte, an international auditing firm, to undergo on-site assessments on each participating company’s environmental performance.

Upon receiving the SEAA (Regional) Award and thanking Minister Zulkifli for the honor, OOCL Director of Trades Mr. Stephen Ng said: “As a global corporate citizen, OOCL is very proud to be acknowledged for our operational excellence towards corporate sustainability and improving the environment in Asia. In 2015, OOCL received the SEAA (Regional) Award for the first time. Taking the award again this year is a huge encouragement for us to continue pushing forward with our agenda to further develop our sustainability profile and meet the evolving needs and expectations from our stakeholders. We thank SEC and all those involved in the awards scheme for this recognition. It is truly an honor.”

Over the years, OOCL has been proactively taking on a leadership role in implementing many important initiatives to address global environmental challenges, part of which includes supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), green investments on our assets, development of green IT solutions, Greenhouse Gas management as well as reinforcing our stakeholder engagement process which contributes to the success and comprehensiveness of our overall sustainability profile.

OOCL is proud to be a part of this awards scheme that encourages industries to adopt a more proactive approach towards managing the environment by showcasing the SEAA winners as shining examples for other organizations to emulate, said an OOCL release.


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