MOL issues integrated ‘MOL Report 2018’

MOL issues integrated ‘MOL Report 2018’

MOL issues integrated ‘MOL Report 2018’

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has announced the publication of its integrated “MOL Report 2018”.

The report is titled “Our Vision is Our Vessel” under the concept that the best way to explain MOL’s vision and business strategy is through the vessels the company operates.

The MOL Report 2018 highlights the company’s initiatives on non-financial capital supporting its sustainable growth, namely, safe operation, human resources, the environment and technology innovation. An MOL executive and employees give detailed explanations on these topics, in their own words, talking about the vessels each of them are responsible for and aiming to provide all stakeholders with a deeper understanding of MOL’s non-financial capital.

The report also illustrates MOL’s objectives with a portfolio map, graphs and other visuals, highlighting step-by-step actions in its roadmap towards improved profitability and showing how it will fuel innovation in its future business portfolio by strategically allocating management resources, said a release.

The report is available on the MOL website.


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