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We’re not salesdriven, but customer driven. We love ships, planes, trucks, trains, warehouses, barges, drones, and all the other infrastructure required to move freight around the world. We even love the ins and outs of compliance, troubleshooting complicated logistics situations, and creating solutions in an ever changing regulatory environment. In the end, however, we don’t care about any of these things unless they create value for our customers.

Portways is a leading name in custom clearance, freight forwarding and custom consultancy in India. We provide value added services in the areas of road transport, air and sea freight, logistics and customs and forwarding services. As a fully integrated logistics service provider, we are able to make your logistics network more agile and cost efficient, whatever your business sector is. Our goal is to deliver customized, high-quality, large-scale logistical services and assistance for our customers in order to provide a definite competitive advantage.

Facing this challenges?

The India’s supply chains were built for an earlier, slower-moving era. Companies working with traditional freight forwarders and third-party logistics providers find themselves too brittle and clumsy to respond to this kind of market pressure. Also, the presence of “middlemen” in the market, delayed goods delivery, over billing, unexperienced dishonest logistics partner, lack of reliability and transparency from existing service provider, lack of documentation knowledge, Shipment delays this are common problem for exporters, costing them extra expenses, revenue delays, loss of credibility, etc. It can be critical for micro and small businesses facing a cash crunch and constantly requiring cash flow to keep running. Multiple factors contribute to such unorganized sector, customs clearance, unforeseen accidents, bad weather, etc., which can severely hamper the day-to-day operations of these players and impact their balance sheets. Shipping can face several difficulties, such as poor flexibility, vehicle breakdowns, and ineffective last-mile delivery. Supply routes severely lack visibility, leading to delays and making the entire process more time-consuming, inaccurate, and inefficient. These elements could lower service quality and client satisfaction. The fact that the Indian traders could not rely on their existing logistics partner was a little heart-breaking. The rise of e-commerce in India demands a new platform for global logistics, one that makes collaboration with vendors seamless, ensures fast, predictable freight delivery, provides advanced data and analytics for better decision making, and lowers total supply chain costs. Portways is that platform for global trade, providing full supply chain control and logistics as a service and turning logistics from a cost centre to a growth engine.

Sometimes the easiest way to solve problem is to stop participating in the problem.

Freight forwarding is the coordinating layer of global trade. The logistics we manage are complex, occasionally crossing over into the chaotic. Today’s solution for this complexity is a relay race of unstructured data, Inefficiency like this is always sad. We can do better. By applying modern technologies, portways can dramatically simplify global trade, making it easier, more predictable, and more affordable than ever. We don’t believe this is easy. The complexity of the problems we’re solving humbles us. That humility, plus our shared understanding of the importance to society that we solve these problems, is a big part of what defines us. We are a team of experienced, qualified and highly professional logistics experts headed by. Our hands-on experience, local port knowledge and operations expertise in the field of custom clearance & supply chain logistics services is unparalleled in the industry. We take the time to get to know our client, their business and their objectives, going the extra mile to ensure that their shipments arrive or depart without any problems or unnecessary delay. Our network participation is with trusted international counterparts on the other end of the shipment who are equally dedicated to serve for the collective interest. All of our employees are thorough in each and every aspect of custom clearance & freight forwarding process including import and export documentation requirements for all types of cargo. Role of portways is to Design and run the process. Leverage to expertise for planning, execution and optimization of freight movements and work towards making it positive and better for all. Logistics fraternity including various industry manufacturers has always been overcautious for its future growth potential though research after research has shown the huge potential and demand especially in verticals like auto, pharma, retail etc. Though portways is one choice whose time has come now and it will be a major next step in the evolution of logistics industry. More and more companies require outsourced partners who will share the risks and gains and will take them to places where they have never been before as they would like to concentrate on their core competency. portways can ideally be described as a Super Provider who besides procuring services from various service providers has the expertise to manage resources, handling various logistics process and who is a single point of contact for the organization.

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